Rife – Radio Frequency Therapy

The science behind both, as well as the reported results

Firstly, we will cover the Royal Rife; and secondly, we will cover the Multi-Wave Oscillators. The science behind both, as well as the reported results, we believe is promising. We decided to include both machines in our clinic. Remember, we have a policy to combine all ancient wisdom, research and offer them in one location, despite their controversy. At the time of putting this information together, we have spoken to many individuals who testify to results using either of these machines. The one thing that is overwhelmingly obvious is that years of dedicated research, tests, and patents were filed. No one goes to that length if they don’t believe they have something that works.

How does it work?

The Rife Machine sends out an electronic signal which causes some part of the offending organism to vibrate. When the vibration becomes strong enough, the theory is that the life form literally shakes itself apart. You may remember the commercial where Ella Fitzgerald uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass? This is the same principle in action. Scientists call this sympathetic resonance.


If antibiotics did not come along, this would be the treatment offered today.


What are the real Rife Frequencies?

The original Rife frequencies range from 400,000 for anthrax, to 11.78 million for cancer, and 15,979,040 for the Asian flu virus. The frequencies that lie between 0 and 10,000 that are called “Rife frequencies” are really Chrane frequencies. Chrane was an engineer who worked with Rife and came up with his own machine. Most Rife machines on the market give you Chrane’s frequencies through either metal probes or a gas Rife’s tube, using a carrier of 27.12 million to ignite the tube. We are using Rife’s original frequencies.

Why doesn’t it destroy the good cells in the body as well?
Human cells and unwanted life forms vibrate at very different frequencies. The safeguards built into our systems make it impossible for any frequencies being created that might be potentially dangerous to humans. It’s like a dog whistle. If you play a dog whistle loud enough a dog will be very unhappy, but we would be oblivious to its sound. Since it lies beyond our range of hearing, it does us no harm. In fact, we wouldn’t know if it was on or off unless we were looking at the dog. It is the same with the Rife Machine. Our own cells are oblivious to it, but the disease-producing organisms can be destroyed by it based on the Rife research.

What about the good bacteria in the body?
There are many good bacteria in the body, such as acidophilus. Each of the good bacteria has their own frequencies, which do not overlap with the frequencies of the bad bacteria. The good bacteria will not be affected.

Are there any contraindications? Nursing mothers and pregnant mothers should not use the machine. Clients on dialysis or who have large tumor loads should begin slowly. Individuals with pacemakers should not use the unit unless they are sure that they have the new type of pacemaker that is not interfered with by microwave ovens and other electrical phenomena. The following would require a letter of approval from their doctor: Pregnancy, certain medical implants and automatic injectors.

What will it feel like?
The most common reaction is a tingling in the jaw, sinuses, or intestines. Clients report feelings of tingling, dizziness, heat, vibration, nausea, light-headedness or prickling in the areas affected. Under normal conditions, you are not aware of your internal organs. During a Rife session, you may ‘notice’ one body part or another.

Why isn’t this better known? Great inventions often take decades to be received. Dr. Semmilweiss, who brought infant and mother mortality down by insisting that doctors wash their hands between autopsies and childbirths, was imprisoned in a mental institution as his reward. Sailors died of scurvy for 50 years following the discovery that lemons kept on board for long voyages could keep them healthy (Vitamin C).

Rife just seems too good to be true. In his time, Rife was hailed as a genius. His discoveries attracted the greatest medical minds of his generation. His research made the history books at least twice that we know of. Then, penicillin was discovered, and the age of antibiotics was ushered in. Rife became a lost chapter in the history of medicine.