Natural therapies to help reduce pain

These therapies fall into Two categories.

(1) Short Term Pain Reduction (2) Long Term Problem Fix

Pain affects everyone differently, and the pain can be from an accident, a broken bone for example. Or, you could have an underlying condition of low adrenal energy left, from overdoing it in the past, constant shift work and or crazy working hours and conditions. You may also have a condition that is leading to some type of arthritis, and this can worsen over the years with age. This can affect income, your ability to work and also social life and mental attitude.

We have programs for this, that you can do from home, or more intensive programs done while you enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

IV Therapies

For pain, the IV therapies are for three days a week. It requires 2 to 3 IVs and you follow this up with hyperbaric oxygen therapy along with many other treatments we include, depending on your age and overall condition.

Short Term Pain

For short term pain, our doctor can prescribe medication for you. In addition, to aid the healing we can add DMSO and other products if suited for your case to reduce and increase, exhilarate results.


Pain is often miss-understood, and delay in fixing an underlying problem can cause long term problems. We can help, reverse the downhill trend, and give you the tools to make changes that improve your condition today and most importantly, help you have long term reduction in the progression of the disease. Don't delay, make Atlantis your next vacation location, and get this fixed!