OZONE THERAPY for all Problem area's

Injected Plasma into your joints and into your blood, amazing therapy. At Atlantis, depending on your case, we take out 50ml of your own blood, mix it with ozone, and re-inject that blood. 10 times in one treatment this is repeated. Once, twice or three times a week. This will vary, depending on what other treatments you are doing, the type of condition you have, and your reaction to this or other therapies. We also inject directly into the location, bone area, and ligament.

Learn About Ozone

Ozone Cancer Therapy has become well known from around 2000. It is also referred to in Alternative Therapies, although many doctors offer this in clinic service. It has a series of applications. It can literally be entitled as “The Miracle Medicine”.
Used in Arthritis, bone repair, ligament repair as well as cosmetic areas on the face and eyes. Very safe because we take your plasma, put the ozone in it and return to the needed location.


When we interviewed Dr. Pablo, who has 20 years of experience in the Alternative Cancer Therapies and is now CEO of Atlantis Salud Spa, Alternative Therapies Hospital also speaks highly of Ozone Cancer Therapy. The first thing to keep in mind is that not all ozone treatment is the same, Mr. Rana said, and the effectiveness of any ozone treatment increases with:

1. The number of times it is given per day or week.

2. The strength of the concentrations used.

3. The quantities applied, and the delivery methods used.

For example 50 ccs of ozonated blood re-injected into you in a clinic every other week are nowhere near as effective as drinking ozonated water or if you have ozone in the rectum at home every day. I'll also comment on the almost no cost to doing this at home and the benefits are many, for many ailments.
Said Dr. Pablo

Most Important: Quantity, concentration and frequency are the keys. The aim is to safely and comfortably flood the body with oxygen by slowly building it up as you detoxify.
The key to a good practitioner in ozone cancer therapy or any treatment
with ozone are experience and know-how.
Dr. Pablo has experience in all the above applications and
has operated without incident for all those years.