Wellbeing Program for Autism

Yes, mobility and speech improvements and all underlying standard symptoms may improve.

This 5-weeks program is full of amazing repair focused IV therapies.
Complemented with Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, physiotherapy and a whole lot more if needed.

We are offering an amazing 50% off this new program in 2020 only.
If you agree to to let us share your story and video to others.

It is your choice

Start at home with the home program first, or just book in and let's get started.

Results in the past

10% see little or no change, 20% to 50% see a graduation of noticeable improvement. 50% to 90% see very good changes in speech, mobility, thinking and walking. 10% what looks and feels like complete recovery.


The potential is exciting and no-risk opportunity may give you back complete independence and freedom again, let's see how we can help you!

This is 2 weeks a week rest and 2 weeks program. 5 Days a week
Results can be seen usually at the start of the third week.
It really is amazing, and you have programs for 8 hours 3 days a week and 3 to 4 hours 2 days a week.
Make contact, let us see if you qualify for this program.

Question 1, If my Autism started years ago, can I still see results?
Yes, this is a very common question and the answer is yes... it is possible

Question 2, Is this treatment painful?
No not at all, the program does require a few injections and IV, along with exercise oxygen hyperbaric.

Question 3, How long will results last?
To date, changes have continued and if the clients take the at-home therapies and continue the recommendations, it is very possible to improve on the outcome you had while at our facility.

Question 4, Can this be done at home? Yes and No details below!
No, the main IV therapies and injections need to be done at our facility, then ongoing changes, have been seen if you continue some easy to take nutrition and possible diabetic type needles at home.
Yes, you can do 1/2 the program at home, and see how it goes.