You think you have tried everything for
Autism or Autistic like behavior?

Our program is not off the shelf. It is designed by us.

By combining what some others do and enhancing it with what we have learned.

In as little as 5 weeks, at home, or better results at our facility.

At Home Autism Program

This is your option, and a good starting point.

Results in the past

Autism is a complex neurodevelopment disorder. We have witnessed 10% have no change, 20% a complete recovery, and the balance in between those points. All cases are different, and no one can be 100% sure of each outcomes.


One thing we do know, by adding complementary therapies like hyperbaric oxygen, we improve outcomes and the autistic behavior improvement is always much better. GcMAF being one key therapy, others are used based on a case by case bases. They may include a small spine infusion on the 21st day.

This is 2 weeks a week rest and 2 weeks program. 5 Days a week
Results can be seen usually at the start of the third week, after a small spine injection.
It really is amazing, and you have programs for 8 hours 3 days a week and 3 to 4 hours 2 days a week.

Make contact, let us see if your stroke and condition qualify you to do this amazing program.

Question 1, Do you have an age limit?

No, we will take all ages, and the younger the better.

Question 2, Can we stay with my child?

YES, the apartments are booked for small or large families and most treat this time like a family vacation.

Question 3, Is the location safe?

YES completely, and if you are a single parent, we can have someone stay in your apartment, just to give you peace of mind. Success and your safety is the utmost importance also to us…

Don't Delay!

Make an appointment today, we have years of experience and are very excited and positive this program will bring the best possible outcome.