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Testimonial Lynda and Susie

NOT JUST WORDS TO SAY... they saved my life… we had been waiting for an appointment with IESS... and I just got sicker and sicker....
Suzi had not thought to call... as she thought the main treatment at the Atlantis was only cancer... but when Suzi shuffled me to the Atlantis... I was just a few days from completely shutting DOWN... they immediately got me ON IV treatments, before we had paid anything... which included the first pain relief in more than a month, and two months later, with their diligent help and care, including home calls... I was able to eat without pain... and they corrected a problem that was created by some surgical malpractice that took place over thirty years ago. I had lived with the problem knowing inside something was wrong but not knowing the source... So my recommendation to everyone who cares about their health and well-being. is to get on the annual check-up program at Atlantis... it is a great program... to be able to have, even your cancer markers test results... as a baseline for annual health review, and proactive natural health solutions, that do NOT put deadly toxins into your body...

AS A GIFT FROM ATLANTIS .. DR. Pablo Rana, and all of his care with his team, Created Protocols and dedication to finding the specialized solution for EACH PATIENT'S NEEDS... all part of the experience of being with caretakers that really CARE 💖💖💖 Thank You All!


Testimonial Dex from England

Dr. Pablo and his staff, recommended I fly to them for an early-stage cancer diagnosis I had. He said that if it doesn’t go in 3 months, the traditional option was always available. Well, I waited for 6 months after the treatment, and two CT scans, one at 3 months and the other at 6 months after the program confirm my zero-blood cancer marker. Bone cancer they claim is hard to fix without over a year of traditional therapies. I never felt better and for me, my choice was good. I pray to anyone, that you find with Dr. Pablo a combination that works as well. No hesitation to recommend this team.


Testimonial Mary from Canada

Breast Cancer is not a friendly word. The pressure and first early treatments from my oncology scared me. Meeting other women who as time went on passed away. Against all recommendations, including most of my family, I opted out as I felt things were getting worse. I went to a couple of places, one in the USA and one in Mexico. I lost a lot of weight and condition. Confused and scared. I found out about Dr. Pablo and Atlantis' retreat.
Well, the difference is crazy. The love, the dedication, the concerns. They gave it everything. I felt like we are family the whole time, they worked so hard. It took a while because I had chemotherapy and radiation poison in my system. It was a lot less in the three months.

But I went back after 6 weeks at home and did another two weeks' week off and two weeks. Three months after my stay at Atlantis the PET scan and Bone scan gives me the all-clear. The low cost after the full price 3 months program guarantee they offered me was a real gift.

Again thank you Atlantis for all you do… against the odds of bad comments of people who are brainwashed against your natural medicines.

My family, my kids and I see what you do, and know from experience.

Also, it’s cold in Canada, can we move back?